Building Better Teams

“The Inspired Team” Team Alignment Program

  • Do the teams in your organization seem to working in silos with disparate goals and values?
  • Do your teams work with an “us vs. them” mindset? Do you have a big project or deadline coming up that is going to require the support and enthusiasm of your team to achieve?
  • Is there grumbling between team members because they are frustrated that things can’t be “like they used to be?”
  • Would you love to learn strategies for getting your team excited about how they do things, improving and excelling as they go? Does work that used to be fun and exciting feel like a grind and a chore?

The list of potential hang-ups and problems facing teams is vast; it’s a wonder anyone gets anything accomplished!  After all, we aren’t just trying to get along with the people in our department; we’re also having to work with other departments, filled with people who seem to have very different agendas and styles for getting things done.

How do we create an environment where people get along with each other and support one another?  What needs to happen to get everyone on the same page?  What about sinking morale, or generational differences?  Controlling bosses or conflicting styles?  Getting people to change or see that they need to change?

Through unique group experiences, Ann helps participants see how much they actually have in common. As people see how similar they are, and that they all want the same thing, barriers come down and groups are aligned. This leads to:

  • A productive and fulfilling corporate culture where people love to work
  • Dynamic, inspired and satisfied employees who get along with each other
  • More effective leadership and communication to help things get done

A Unifying Approach

Ann’s philosophy leads participants through rapport and cooperation-building exercises to reveal the “A-ha!” that helps them understand how they can contribute to richer levels of trust and mutual support.  Some key elements of the program include:

  • Understanding each other’s work style so we can support and give each other space rather than collide and reject each other’s approach.
  • Seeing the bigger picture to give us a better understanding of how we fit in and how important our colleagues are to getting things done.
  • Role-playing and group exercises to help us work better together

Ann works with managers, directors, departments and senior leadership using creative, fun exercises to deepen our respect for and synergy with each other.

Program length: Varies (half- to full-day workshops or extended retreats)

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