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Every Champion Needs a Coach

Take it to the next level with Ann Perle’s Crossroads Coaching.

  • Are you an emerging leader who isn’t getting the promotions or recognition you’d like?
  • Are you struggling with employees who don’t “get it” and drain your time or energy?
  • Do you have employees to “don’t quite fit in” or who struggle to get along with each other?
  • Do you need to inspire more effort and involvement from your employees to create a more productive, enjoyable workplace?

Who needs a coach?

We all know top athletes get there and stay there with the guidance of strong coaches. However, many don’t realize how pivotal a coach can be in the careers of CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers and directors. Now anyone can experience fulfillment, see possibilities and find a larger place for him/herself when they harness the power of Ann Perle’s coaching.

Inspiring Good Leaders to Greatness

Ann sharpens the minds and spirits of emerging leaders and executives who are ready to fine-tune their performances. “My coaching allows people to experience an inspired shift that answers: ‘How big a difference can I make?’ and ‘How inspired an organization can we build?’”
What if there was one key distinction that would revolutionize the results you were getting with your employees?

What if you could see yourself and the organization you’re part of from 30,000 feet?  What would you see that you can’t see from where you are right now?

You can be the inspired, trusted leader that you want to be and your organization needs.  Ann’s coaching program will help you understand yourself better, grasp the key issues that are tripping up your efforts, and help you and your team become more influential and successful.

For Women Executives

Ann is passionate about supporting emerging and top-level executive women who are navigating the politics and  pressures of everyday business. She understands the challenges of penetrating inner management circles, and she helps women leverage their relationship skills as powerful assets.  She helps women:

  • Identify their natural feminine strengths and capitalize on them
  • Gain the trust of male colleagues at every level
  • Navigate the corporate world confidently, without feelings of isolation

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