Meet Ann Perle

Few would expect a calm yet dynamic woman like Ann Perle to find herself in the inner circles of leading global organizations.  Ann might not have expected it herself 30 years ago.  But today, that’s just where you’ll find this adept change strategist.  Armed with a warm charisma and the rare ability to put people at ease, Ann listens.  Then she tells the truth.  These truths result in progressive strides in companies and careers.

Ann’s own career budded quietly in a time when professional jobs were gender-specific.  When many women were working as secretaries, Ann ran her own staffing firm, where she spent 12 years learning the ins and outs of hiring, retaining good employees and building the kind of company employees want to work for.  Soon after, she began working as an internal consultant, building leaders in various corporations.  As a Director for a global research, development and manufacturing company, she understands the day-to-day demands affecting business and employees.

The insights she has gained through it all allow her to build bridges and resolve issues for her clients.  Ann is inclusive and has a penchant for broadening the picture people see.  Once they see their world from a larger perspective, then no office politics are too sticky, no roadblock is too impenetrable.

Ann has been instrumental in reshaping the culture of companies.  And, she’s lent many individuals a fresh vantage point to resolve personal and professional issues.  For Ann, it’s all about helping executives adapt to change, share information and become influential without tired, hierarchical structures.

Ann has seen greatness, mainly because she sees greatness in every face.  It’s her joy to help each person see it for him or herself.  From sports entertainment to healthcare, Ann has been there, engaging and inspiring.  Her passion for creating cultures that support people and organizations has flourished around the world.  In 2000 she founded Crossroads Consulting, an organization dedicated to leadership and change excellence.  Now Ann speaks, consults, and coaches internationally.




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